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3 July 1918; Wednesday

Woke about 7 o’clock. Had breakfast at a station by the way. Finished journey at Hesdin1 at about noon. Got motor-lorries and went to Ouve2, about 30 kilos. Got there about 5 hours owing to breaking down and losing the way. Walked round village at night. Received two letters from Ernie and one from Gertie in which she tells me about her progress at the piano. Decent news from the line. Weather fine. Sergeant Powell unwell. Turned in about 9.30.

  1. Hesdin (B); about 210km N. of Paris (A). 

  2. Ouve: probably Ouve-Wirquin (C), 30km N. of Hesdin; 14km SW. of St Omer; Michelin square E4. 

2 July 1918; Tuesday

Marched off from Semoine at about 12.45am and arrived at Mailly1 at about 4am. Had breakfast and then entrained. Biscuits, cold meat and cold bacon for the day. Started off about 5 o’clock. Watched the sun rise and set from the railway waggon door. Enjoyed ride. Passed the outskirts of Paris. Saw Eiffel Tower2 and the Church of the Sacred Heart. Some very nice people, and splendid country and clean villages. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Turned in about 9.30 and slept well. Had tea at a wayside station about 6 o’clock.

  1. Mailly: Mailly-le-Camp (B), 8km due E from Semoine (A), on the A26/E17 from Troyes to Châlons, Michelin map 515 square F10. 

  2. (C) on the map marks the location of the Eiffel Tower, which ALL saw as his train passed through (though evidently did not stop at) Paris.