12 September 1918; Thursday

Up at 7.45. Visited the church of Sacred Heart in the morning. Wonderful church. In the afternoon went on boat trip to St. Cloud1. Meals on the boat and fine trip. In the afternoon had dinner at the Hotel D’Iena and then went to the Opera Comique and saw Sapho by Daudet2. Splendid day.

  1. Saint-Cloud (B) is a suburb of Paris, about 10km from the centre of the city (A). 

  2. Alphonse Daudet (13 May 1840 – 16 December 1897) was a French novelist and author. In 1884, he wrote a book “Sapho”, which he and Adolphe Belot (6 November 1829 – 18 December 1890) adapted as a play in 1885, presumably the play seen by ALL on this day.

    Somewhat parenthetically, in 1910 another play, an English adaptation of Sapho by Clyde Fitch, was at the centre of a famous New York City indecency trial involving the play’s star, Olga Nethersole and her co-star, Hamilton Revelle