13 January 1914; Tuesday

At work as usual. Frank1 off in the afternoon with a cold. Went down to Band of Hope2 annual general meeting after boxing with Charlie for a bit. Went into choir practice. Fairly good practice for anthem on Sunday. Hurried home and met Jack. He had the forms drawn up and we arranged for him to see his boss about them.

Row with Okie3
Had called for Father’s money and he wouldn’t give it to me. There was a man at the mill taking photographs of the machine4.

  1. Frank: little is known about ALL’s office colleagues at the Paper Mill, except George Crawford. 

  2. “Band of Hope”: Victorian temperance organisation which still exists as Hope UK. 

  3. Okie: a representative of Robson’s Saw Mill? “Father’s money”: probably arrears of wages – there is more about compensation money later. 

  4. Presumably the moulding machine in which Father had lost his two fingers.