8 February 1914; Sunday

Charlie out soon. I got up after 9 o’clock. Off chapel in the morning. Mr Crew preaching. Went down to School late. Father still improved. Willie Marshall in charge†. Charlie, Willie Whittaker and I went over to North Bridge Street1 Presbyterian church at night and heard Mr Middlemiss† preach and Mr Newrick play2. Joe Speed on at our church. Very poor turn out there. Mr Mullens called at our house. Uncle Jack, Aunt Esther, Jack and Hilda3, and Uncle Jack and Aunt Bella and Uncle George all in. And Mrs Spain.

  1. North Bridge Street: in Monkwearmouth, north of the Wear. 

  2. Mr Newrick: well-­known local organist and music teacher; ALL took lessons with him. 

  3. See Hilda disambiguation page.