15 February 1914; Sunday

Got up about 9 o’clock. Shaved† and at chapel. At School as usual and my turn for the children’s service. Charlie, our Charlie, Joe and I were there, and we managed very well1. Had shorter walks than usual. Very windy. My hat blew off at the top of Vine Place. Better hymns on the sheets. Mr Chadwick preached a picture sermon on “Revelations” in the morning. Joe and Marmie out to dinner. Charlie sang in the Bible class.

  1. “Our Charlie”: ALL’s brother, so called to distinguish him from the other Charlie named – Charles Edward, usually so called in later life, also “Dora’s Charlie” in ALL’s diary: son of Father’s next brother Edward Beauman Linfoot (Beauman, after their grandfather, a local ship’s captain), “Uncle Ned”, whose death in mid-­1914 is recorded in the diary; cf. 8 July.