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Mary Elizabeth Wiseman (née Linfoot), “Marmie”, was Arthur Linfoot’s elder sister, married to Joe Wiseman. See Family page for more details.

2 August 1918; Friday

Up at 6 o’clock and relieved at 8. Jerry bombed between midnight and 2 o’clock. Did a little French and wrote a letter to Marmie. Lay down until 2 o’clock. Shaved and washed and went to the French class at 5.30 and afterwards walked round to the reading room and looked at papers†. On duty at 8 o’clock. Major McMee asked us to get ready for a hernia operation on an old civilian by our staff. After getting ready they decided not to perform it.

5 April 1918; Friday

Up about 7 o’clock. On parade and detailed off for the dispensary. Busy all day. Put up flagstaff and flag. Out for short walk at night.

The magazines came out. Bought six and sent them home, Ernie, Charlie, Marmie, Franchie and office1.

  1. ALL may have contributed to this magazine number – hence the copies for home; he mentions ‘writing’ occasionally, and specifically for the magazine on 6 and 11 May 1918. 

11 March 1918; Monday

Up about 6.30 and on duty at 7 o’clock. Wrote letter to Marmie in the morning. Got nicely through work. Had walk to Le Mesnil1 at night with Harvey. Glorious day.

  1. Le Mesnil: Mesnil-en-Arrouaise (B), just SE. of the E19, 3km from Bus (A), 2km from Rocquigny; Michelin square J7. 

13 December 1916; Wednesday

Up about 7 o’clock. On duty 7.30. Cleared all patients for the hospital and packed up. Called down to the C R S 1 shortly after dinner. Billeted in tents. Heard Holman and Truman taken up the town and put on a big double marquee with 27 patients. Got to bed after a search for my blankets. Rain came in through the tents and awoke rather wet. Received letter from Father telling me of accident to Marmie and Dorothy through the oven bursting.

  1. “C R S”: Camp Reception Station. See RAMC Chain of Evacuation

8 November 1915; Monday

Got up at 9 o’clock. Played the piano and then walked into the town before breakfast. In the afternoon played duets with Marmie and then walked out with Gertie. Called at Lily’s, Grandmother’s and Whittaker’s. Had tea at home, and then got 7.30 train. Father, Mother, Marmie, Gertie and Dorothy saw me off. Met Metcalfe at Newcastle. Fell in with two decent chaps too.

Left home for Alnwick.

28 August 1915; Saturday

On parade in the morning. Cleaned out rooms. I was orderly man, and missed a route march which the other fellows did.

Received postcard from Joe saying Marmie was going through Sheffield1 and I might see her. Spent the afternoon in the station but didn’t see her. Mr Young† finished off my job. Had tea in the Soldiers’ Home. Played the piano a good bit.

  1. We do not know where Marmie was going; perhaps to Lincoln, where she and Joe had lived up to 1914. 

28 July 1915; Wednesday

Got up about 7 o’clock. Got dressed and had a run over Charlie’s latest songs. Father, Charlie, Marmie and Uncle Jack saw me off. Left by 9.35, changed at Durham and Rotherham. Between Durham and Rotherham there were two men with a deserter in the compartment. Some trouble at York with a dog in the carriage. Arrived shortly before 2 o’clock. Went into the town and had dinner, then went on car to find the barracks. Forgot parcel at the café. Got to the Territorial place first. Arrived shortly1 before tea. Other two recruits with me. A Scotsman and a Sunderland lad called Williams. Had a shave and simple tea in the barracks, and went into town at night with Williams. Got bedding and room.

  1. Unless “shortly” should be “Sheffield”, which it really doesn’t look like, ALL seems to have forgotten to mention that it was Sheffield (the Hillsborough Barracks) that he had gone to.

    Hillsborough Barracks was converted for commercial use in the late 1980s, but many external features were retained. The main focus of the development is a Morrisson’s supermarket. See also Sheffield map