3 July 1914; Friday

Charlie and I did record walk. Went by Gilmonby, Rutherford, T[h]waite, Scargill, Barningham over the moors, and came back by Greta Bridge and Rokeby 1. Got some lime juice and soda in Barningham and some milk at a farmhouse on the way home. Didn’t get in until 9 o’clock at night. Found Joe here when we got back. He has got off for the weekend.

  1. The map shows the walk from Bowes (A), via Gilmonby (B), Rutherford (not shown on map), Thwaite (C), Scargill (D), Barningham (E) and Greta Bridge (F) to Rokeby (G). “Record walk” seems justifiable; the distance covered would have been no less than 40 miles. See also Bowes map