28 November 1915; Sunday

At church in the morning and evening, Clayport church1. Went with Green and some more chaps to deer† Park and Brizlee Tower2. Cold but fine. Enjoyed the walk and were up the tower. At Y.M.C.A. at night. Came down with Miss McGill3 and Sergeant Sharp. He was with us at church.

  1. Clayport Church: See 21 November

  2. Brizlee Hill and Tower (marked on map) are 2 miles NW. of Alnwick, in Hulne Park (the word preceding “park” is probably a lazy way of writing “deer”, as transcribed, and is certainly not “Brizlee”.).

    See also Alnwick map

  3. Miss McGill: Miss Mack? See 4 January 1916