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26 March 1918; Tuesday

Up at 6 o’clock and marched off about 6.30. Arrived (after passing through civilised country and seeing civilians) at Bienvillers 1 at about noon and had breakfast. Received orders to move on immediately, and arrived at the cross roads near Humbercourt 2 about 3 pm. All property† left on the way. Put up tents and marquee and flags and opened up dressing station. News from the front still bad. Saw newspaper in which it said the Germans claimed 30000 prisoners and 600 guns. Still no relief. On night duty.

  1. Bienvillers: Bienvillers-au-Bois (B), 6km N. of Hébuterne (A), Michelin square H6. 

  2. Humbercourt: ?Humbercamps (C), 4km W. from B.-au-Bois; Michelin square H6. 

25 March 1918; Monday

Up at 6 am and marched off before breakfast at 6.30. Arrived at1

Up at about 3 am, fell in at 4 and marched to Beauquuy2. Commenced to pitch tents but order cancelled before they were up. Went into village and had breakfast at some house and fitted up a dressing station. Worked morning and very busy in the afternoon. Had to carry some of our stretcher cases a few miles to the nearest cars. Returned and found our party gone. Found out where they were going and followed and caught them up. Arrived at Hébuterne at about 9 pm. Got down to it3 and slept well.

  1. Another deletion, probably for the same reason as the previous two. 

  2. Beauquuy: presumably Bucquoy (B), 3km NW. from A.-le-Petit (A); thence to Hébuterne (C), 6km SW.; Michelin squares I7 and H7 respectively. 

  3. “Got down to it”: Lay down to sleep, as elsewhere in the diaries.