13 February 1914; Friday

Got up about 7.20. Fine morning. In a bit trouble at work. Father shows signs of having got over cold. Dr Blair misses the morning. Went to the library and got out G.K. Chesterton’s “Defendant”1. Went to get hair cut. Played a bit and then went to Chadwicks’ and stayed until 10 o’clock. Called at General Post Office with parcel for Ernie. Wrote enquiring about business for sale2 in the Echo3.

  1. G K Chesterton (1874-­1936), St Paul’s School & Slade, writer & R. Catholic; best known now for Father Brown detective stories (as seen on TV, 2013). See also: The Defendant and Arthur Linfoot’s Library 

  2. “Business for sale”: the family planned to run a corner shop because Father had no wage since his accident. 

  3. “Echo”: the Sunderland Echo & Shipping Gazette, the Monday – Saturday evening paper.