2 January 1915; Saturday

Got up at 7 o’clock and walked with Charlie to Seaham Harbour first thing. Had rain in torrents and we were wet through. I got the 9.20 train back and was home about 9.45. Played ping pong. Went up town in the afternoon with Father. Bought new cap for 3/6. Went to Concert in Victoria Hall1 and heard Radford & Miss Edith Evans, Miss Bland, Mr John Bull and Mr Arthur E Gover2 on the organ. A fine snow. Willie back and Edie, Jack and Hilda3 to supper at Marmie’s. Charlie back at night. Finished the party at about 12.30.

  1. Victoria Hall: See 10 January 1914

  2. The artistes’ names, except the two in longhand, are fairly speculative transcriptions. 

  3. See Hilda disambiguation page.