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All diary entries written in June 1917.

21 June 1917; Thursday

Up at 6.45. Kept busy all day. A lot of staff officers and a few generals down at our place investigating who captured a certain objective – 25 or 36 Division. My night off. Went to Pierrots1 with Harry Bascombe and Whittaker. Whittaker lost his cap under the platform and a French lady found it for him. Pretty fair show. A big row in the town between Home and Australian troops. Tried to buy razor for a man in my ward but couldn’t get a decent one.

  1. Pierrots: Another concert party? 

17 June 1917; Sunday

Up at 6.45. Kept pretty busy all day. Very hot day. Lieutenant Wilson went to C C S and gave me ten francs. Heard of a new slight advance and capture of a few more prisoners. Harvey, John Dory and his brother called for me and we went to the Y M. Gus Rodman also with us. After service walked round the town and then went by the flying ground. Bonny night.

13 June 1917; Wednesday

Up pretty well all night. A machine gun sweeping round outside the dugout. Relieved unexpectedly in the morning by the 59 Field Ambulance about 5 o’clock. Marched down to P & O trench1 with wheeled stretchers. Had breakfast there. Marched on to La Clyte with an officer called Captain Marsh. Marched from there to Berthen with only one officer and two men fainted on the way. Packs carried supplies. My heel gave me some trouble through my socks being worn out. Everybody mad with Captain Marsh for his foolishness. After dinner the Bailleul party ordered to return and we went back in the motor ambulance. Had a bath and a walk round the town at night. Slept in the old billet at night.

  1. “P&O trench”: See note on 7 June