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14 February 1918; Thursday

Up about 6.30. Packed up stuff and helped to pack waggons and moved off from Metz about 9.15. After being lost, Got to number 13 rail station and went by light rail to Roquigny1. Arrived there about 12 o’clock. A most desolate hole. A German line of trenches near and innumerable shell holes all about beside the ruined village and blasted woods. Went to bed early. Very poor billet and wholly packed. On fatigue in the afternoon until pretty late. Out on fire picket.

  1. Rocquigny (so spelt; B) is 12km W. of Metz-en-Couture (A) and 7km SE. of Bapaume; Michelin square J7. 

13 February 1918; Wednesday

Up about 8 o’clock. Packed up things and got all ready for relieving party. 63rd Division ambulance arrived at about 3 o’clock. We had tea and got away about 5 o’clock. After a little trouble slept in the dispensary and slept well. Left Trescault for Metz1.

  1. ALL returned from Trescault (A) to Metz-an-Couture (B), where he had been until mid-January. 

14 January 1918; Monday

Up about 7.30. Billy Truman, Murray and I went up to walking wounded post at Trescault1. Found Sergeant Powell there. Very busy all day and had a lot of men to look after. Ben Jenkins and Carmichael there too. Worked until late. Unsatisfactory job. Sent for more men.

  1. Trescault (B): next village up (from (A) Metz-en-Couture), 3km nearer to Cambrai; Michelin square K7. 

12 January 1918; Saturday

Up about 7.30. On parade at 9 and fatigues all day. Read article by A G G1 on the war and the churches and also a sermon on “Providence” by J Fort Newton2.

  1. AGG would be A G Gardiner (1865 – 1946), editor of the Daily News 1902 – 1919 and popular writer. ALL had previously mentioned a book by A G Gardiner. Prophets, Priests and Kings, which he had read while on holiday in St Andrews in 1915. See Arthur Linfoot’s Library

  2. J Fort Newton: See note on 6 January

10 January 1918; Thursday

On guard at 2 o’clock. Called the others up at 7. Chopped wood first thing. On again from 10 to 12 and from 4 to 6. Fritz1 sent over a few whizzbangs2 at night about tea time. Off guard at 6 o’clock. Went to bed soon and slept well.

Dreamed that I was going to marry Mildred Woodruff3. Received long letter from Charlie.

  1. Fritz: a name given to German troops by the British and others in the First and Second World Wars. 

  2. Whizzbangs: high-velocity, low-trajectory shells giving only brief audible warning of approach. 

  3. Mildred Woodruff: Never mentioned in the diaries other than here. Identity unknown.