11 March 1918; Monday

Up about 6.30 and on duty at 7 o’clock. Wrote letter to Marmie in the morning. Got nicely through work. Had walk to Le Mesnil1 at night with Harvey. Glorious day.

  1. Le Mesnil: Mesnil-en-Arrouaise (B), just SE. of the E19, 3km from Bus (A), 2km from Rocquigny; Michelin square J7. 

5 March 1918; Tuesday

Up about 7 o’clock. Went to bed for the morning but didn’t sleep. Up in the afternoon and paraded at 4.30. Marched to Bus 1 where the 57th are running a hospital. We are to take over in the morning.

  1. Bus (B): 4km SE. of Haplincourt (A), on NW. side of E19; 10km from Bapaume, 22km from Cambrai; Michelin square J7. 

3 March 1918; Sunday

Up about 7 o’clock. In bed all day. Bad weather. Went to a C of E service at night and it was very good. They took a full musical service as they had an excellent orchestra (the *) with them. The orchestra also played a couple of selections which were very fine. I wrote to Charlie and Ernie last thing. Came on duty at about 8 o’clock and turned into bed about one o’clock. My face rather badly broken out round my mouth, but my general health much better.