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Diary entries written while Arthur Linfoot was stationed at various military hospitals in France.

28 January 1917; Sunday

Up as usual at 7 o’clock. Had two to look after and a lot of trouble. The DMS1 came round unexpectedly in the afternoon and told me off about some dirt outside one of the tents. Said I was incompetent and must be taken off the job. Sergeant Powell told me afterwards it was too rotten. We laughed over it at night. Received postcard from Mrs Inwood to say that Franchie was in an isolation hospital asking me to write.

  1. DMS: Director of Medical Services. 

11 January 1917; Thursday

On duty first thing as usual, and relieved about 10.30. Packed kit, had dinner, helped to pack up and moved off about 12 o’clock. Arrived at Authie1 at about 4 o’clock after a terrible heavy march. Felt beastly done up. Billeted in the same camp but in the lower house. Nice house with * †views in and baluster on†.

  1. “Authie”: ALL was first at Authie on 7th October 1916, apparently at the same camp but a different billet.