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Arthur Linfoot was stationed at La Clytte, now Klijte in Belgium, from 21 March to 3 April 1917, before moving back to the front line.

11 April 1917; Wednesday

Up at 6 o’clock. Marched off at 7 o’clock. Arrived at the dressing station about 8 o’clock. Spent the morning digging and was very tired after it. Returned about 1 o’clock. Turned out wet in the afternoon so we did nothing in the afternoon. Went to the Y M at night to the Follies. Saw Billington on dancing.

We were shelled pretty heavily going down the road. Got lift in a lorry. One of the North Lancs wounded by the first shell.

10 April 1917; Tuesday

Up at 8 o’clock. Relieving party arrived between 8 – 91. The Germans shelled the road very heavily and by about 3.00 were into two fields on the right. Had a bath parade in the afternoon.

Walked about at night.

Heard of the capture of Vimy Ridge.

  1. ALL does not record his destination, having been relieved of front line duty after  a week (he arrived at the front line on 3 April), but it was probably La Clytte again. 

3 April 1917; Tuesday

Up at 6 o’clock. Marched off at 7. A perfect blizzard and a heavy march. Had to carry our blankets from the car to the aid post. I worked with Ben Jenkins in the dispensary. Holman and Harvey on at night. Weather improved considerably in the afternoon. Not a bad sort of place. A few sick and one or two wounded in during the day.

2 April 1917; Monday

Up at usual time and on duty. Informed that we were only to take wounded. Had two men die. The first one an artillery man who died on the car at the door. The other of the Welsh lot died about six o’clock. He arrived about 3 o’clock with his right leg off below the knee. Captain Strickland did all he possibly could for him, but he died about 6 o’clock. Made me feel a bit melancholy about the war and the awfulness of it.

Went to our tents. Commenced to snow in the afternoon. A perfect blizzard at night and our tent nearly blew down. Up in the night fitting in the curtain. Ordered to the line tomorrow.

1 April 1917; Sunday

Up at the usual time and on duty in the hospital as usual. Billy Truman sick and off work. I managed the feeding <and> treatment†. Had walk at night. Wrote letter home. Some preparations going on for making some accommodation for wounded, and the sick to be treated† in our old billet.

27 March 1917; Tuesday

Up at 7 o’clock. Kept fairly busy. Got a few letters written. Walked into Westouter1 at night and had some coffee at Alice’s. They have had their business stopped by the gendarme, and served us on the quiet. Saw the old places once more.

  1. Westouter (B): 4km W. of La Clytte/Klijte (A), Michelin square I3.