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Diary entries written while Arthur Linfoot was stationed at Méteren in Northern France. He was working at the military hospital there during most of this time.

2 October 1916; Monday

Up at usual time1. Busy all day. Rather bad weather.

  1. “Usual time”: The 2nd of October was the day on which daylight saving ended in France in 1916, with clocks being retarded by one hour at midnight to 23:00 the previous day. By this reckoning, the usual time would have effectively been one hour later, although unlike at other, similar points in the diary, ALL makes no mention here of the change. 

28 September 1916; Thursday

Up at 7 o’clock. At work all day as usual. Managed all right. Kept busy all day. Received definite news of the fall of Combles1.

  1. Combles was on the extreme right of the British sector (in the Somme area), or possibly in the French sector; 10km due S. of Bapaume, 14km E. of Albert. It had been used by the Germans as a shelter for reserves, supplies and engineer stores and as a staging area for reinforcements during the Battle of the Somme. See also Capture of Combles at Wikipedia. 

27 September 1916; Wednesday

Busy all day. Not feeling very well. An observation balloon brought down near us. Had short walk at night with Bascombe and Barburn† after 7.30. Usual day’s work. Our team playing football against Black Watch won 1 – 0.

Received news of Zeppelin raid on north east coast1.

  1. Zeppelin raid: This was actually part of the same raid as ALL had noted the previous day; the four Zeppelins which attacked London on the night of 23-24 September (two of which had been brought down as noted by ALL) were actually part of a larger group of 12 Zeppelins, the others targeting different parts of the UK, including the North-East. See also German strategic bombing during World War I at Wikipedia.