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20 July 1914; Monday

Got up about 6.30 and went up Cedars1 with Charlie and helped him to learn to ride his bicycle. Busy all day. Finished rather late. Lily and Willie called at night with the wedding photographs. Wrote up diary last thing.

  1. (The) “Cedars”: quiet, tree-lined, at this time rather exclusive residential road, westward off Ryhope Road, opposite Barley Mow Park. 

19 July 1914; Sunday

Got up about 9 o’clock. Had bath. At chapel and Sunday School. Managed very well in Sunday School. Mr Chadwick preached a good sermon in the morning on quietness. Some very heavy showers. Mrs McPhail very ill and died at night. Talked to Dora’s Charlie a long time at the top of Vine Place. Had short walk round with our Charlie. Played a bit and read a very good article on philosophy.

18 July 1914; Saturday

Finished about 1.30. Went to cricket match with Father. Saw Sunderland beat Hendon. Pretty good match. Went to Roker at night by myself. Scarcely saw anyone I knew. Met young George Wilkinson and spoke for a moment or two. Listened to the band for a few minutes. Came up on the car1 by myself.

  1. “Car” means “tram-car”, as usual. 

13 July 1914; Monday

Got up about 7.45. In good time for work. Took over and typed summary. Got through all right. Warm day. Went down to Grandmother’s at night Ned Smith came in for drink. Did a bit writing and got diary up to date.

12 July 1914; Sunday

Got up about 9 o’clock. Didn’t go to chapel but had early dinner. Hurried over to Osborne Street to the funeral. Charlie and I were in the cab. Very quiet and orderly funeral. A girl fainted at the grave side. Rev Mr Burt, junior minister in Dock Street circuit conducted the services. We stayed to tea and then came over in the car1 with Lily. Met some of the Gurneys including Ernie Gurney who had been at the paper works. My turn for children’s service at night. Our Charlie helped me. We had pretty good meeting. Mr Hunter preaching and was fair but I didn’t like his manner. Had short walk and talked to Mr Blaikie until late. Uncle Ned buried.

  1. “Car” means “tram-car”, as usual.