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31 October 1915; Sunday

Up at 7 o’clock. Paraded for church, but we were dismissed through rain. Went with Green to the Presbyterian church and enjoyed the service. Spoke to a few UMC friends at the Y.M1.

  1. “Y.M.”: common abbreviation for “Y.M.C.A.”, Young Men’s Christian Association. “UMC” (if correct) might be “United Methodist Church. 

27 October 1915; Wednesday

Got up about 7 o’clock. Went into the town and ordered some things. For rations as usual. Read a bit and wrote some letters.

German Cruiser Prince Adalbert1 class sunk in Baltic by British submarine.

  1. Prinz Adalbert was a heavy cruiser (9,000 tons, 8.3” guns), and was torpedoed in the Baltic on 1 July by submarine E9, but repaired; soon after repair, on or around 23 October 1915, she was torpedoed by submarine E8, and sank with the loss of all but 3 of her 675 crew; the biggest single loss of life by the German fleet in the Baltic in WW1. 

26 October 1915; Tuesday

Up at 6.30. Went to the town in the morning and ordered some things. Went for rations in the afternoon and nearly had an accident coming back. Went to lecture at night in St James’ church hall on the war and its origin and it was very interesting and illustrated by lantern slides1.

  1. Lantern slides were used to project large format photographic transparencies or other images onto a large screen using a device traditionally known as a magic lantern, an early form of slide projector. They remained popular until as recently as the 1950s when they began to be replaced by the much smaller 35mm format. 

25 October 1915; Monday

At work as usual. Another corporal took over the cook house and the mess book, but I received it back in the afternoon. He went with me to the station for the rations. Went to the lecture at night. Rather interesting. Two young ladies bandaged my arms, and then I did the arm of another young lady.