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31 January 1916; Monday

On parade as usual. No lecture. On fatigue all day. Went to pictures at night. Stayed beside Black and his girl and her friend. In Y.M. last thing and Mrs Proctor told me off about not going to Mrs Ide’s to supper last night. She explained how Metgrave had asked me.

Big Zeppelin Raid1.

  1. Nine Zeppelins took part in the raid of 31 January -1 February 1916, seemingly targeting several cities in the Midlands. A lengthy description of the raid may be found here

30 January 1916; Sunday

At church as usual. Set Misses Mack a few yards in the morning. In the afternoon walked to the top of the bank with Black and met Sergeant Sharpley. At night went with Sergeant Sharpley to Clayport and afterwards set up the Misses Mack to the farm. Stayed and talked until late and didn’t get back to camp until after Last Post.

29 January 1916; Saturday

Got off duty at 10 o’clock. Went into town before dinner. Met Father and Mother at the station about 2 o’clock. Had dinner in town and then walked through the deer park. Came back by the lane bridge and the bottom of the camp. Back into the café for tea and then to the station. Fine day. Left by the 6.43 train.

Visit to Alnwick of father & mother.

Met Misses Mack at the station and set them up. They afterwards walked up the road with me until 10 o’clock because I had a late pass. Spent a pleasant day and night.

25 January 1916; Tuesday

Reported sick first thing and then went to duty. Received orders from Lieutenant Stemple† to go to isolation camp and look after men. Old Collins there too. I went into town and saw a man washed in a slipper bath at the workhouse. Rotten dirty chap. I was there all the afternoon.

23 January 1916; Sunday

Church parade. Had a cold. At church in the morning and sat in the same pew as the Misses Mack and merely nodded. Didn’t overtake them coming back to camp owing to the man I was with stopping to speak to Mr Douglas. They didn’t turn out at night. Cold worse. Read all the afternoon and finished I will Repay1.

  1. I Will Repay”: novel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, author of The Scarlet Pimpernel, who lived at Acol (near Thanet in Kent). I Will Repay is the second Scarlet Pimpernel book written by Orczy although it comes chronologically third in the series, after Sir Percy Leads the Band and before The Elusive Pimpernel. See also I Will Repay and Arthur Linfoot’s Library

I Will Repay

Cover ImageI Will Repay is a novel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, author of The Scarlet Pimpernel, who lived at Acol (near Thanet in Kent).

I Will Repay is the second Scarlet Pimpernel book written by Orczy although it comes chronologically third in the series, after Sir Percy Leads the Band and before The Elusive Pimpernel.

Arthur Linfoot wrote that he had finished reading I Will Repay on 23 January 1916, while posted to the RAMC training camp at Alnwick.