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30 March 1916; Thursday

Turned out at 7 o’clock parade and left it early after reporting Jackson sick. On parade at 9, 10.30 as usual and went to be medically examined at 11.30 in the orderly room. Both Captain McGlashan and another officer along with Lieutenant Johnson examined me. Got leave off route march in the afternoon and dusted. Tea brought along with Jackson. Arm pretty painful. Rumours current about final leave and Holden told me we would probably get it.

Got to know definitely that I’m on the draft.

In soldiers’ home at night. Wrote up diary.

29 March 1916; Wednesday

On 7 o’clock parade, but left it after calling roll. On parade as usual in the morning. Half day off in the afternoon and stayed in the room lay in bed all the afternoon. Up for tea and out last thing in the soldiers’ home. Our men paraded for overseas boots and I was told that I am not on the draft. Spoke to Sergeant-­Major Ford and he said he would try to get me there.

28 March 1916; Tuesday

On parade as usual. Field day1 in the morning. It snowed heavily and was terribly windy and we had a rough time. Had a march round by Wharncliffe afterwards. On parade as usual in the afternoon and was very tired at the end of day. Went to Inwoods’ at night and stayed until after 10 o’clock. Sat beside the fire and talked. Mrs Inwood and the other young women were at the pictures and came in late. Mr Inwood came in last of all.

  1. “Field day”, now usually used metaphorically to describe a good day, is used here in its original, literal sense to mean a day spent in field activities. 

27 March 1916; Monday

Missed 7 o’clock parade. Paraded with the duties†. at 9 and then dismissed. Usual parades afterwards. Went into town at night with Metgrave. Had hair cut and bought shaving soap and a few things. Called at soldiers’ home last thing and had some supper.

25 March 1916; Saturday

On parade in the morning. Went to the football match in the afternoon with Bennett, Johnson and Plummer. Went on the car to Young’s café and had poached eggs. I bought a new razor and a knife and returned to barracks. Went to the Wesley guild meeting and was trapped in to play. Broke down in a song but managed to get through it. Had short walk round with Mr Inwood afterwards.