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20 January 1917; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock and went up to the Cheshires aid post at 9 o’clock. In a dugout along with a few of the Cheshires1 and a sergeant. Burns, Holman, Toase and I. Burns and I set off with a man on our backs. A shell burst a short distance behind us in the trench. Did a bit foraging about in the wet and we were wet up to the knees in ice cold water and mud. Slept very little and in a most uncomfortable position.

  1. Shorthand looks more like “Chesters”; but the 9th Cheshires were in the 58th Brigade, 19th (Western) Division. 

17 January 1917; Wednesday

My Birthday 271.     Up at 5.30. Breakfast at 6. Fell in full pack at 7 and marched off about 7.20. Heavy fall of snow and still falling as we marched. Several of us fell down as we came down the hill from the camp. The march tired me a lot and I was nearly beat after the first stretch. Put into a deep dugout near to the Welsh aid post, along with Sergeant Powell, Holman, Bascombe and other 9. Slept pretty comfortably on the floor. Ball, the new man, on gas alert picket. Went up to aid post and had to get down a few times. They knocked in the parapet near shortly before we went along. A lovely birthday!

  1. “27”: 17 January 1917 was ALL’s 27th birthday.