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All diary entries written in February 1916

19 February 1916; Saturday

On fatigue with Ted† Copeland in the morning. Left off the job at 11 o’clock and got dressed. Got 12.8 train from Alnwick and arrived home shortly before 3 o’clock. Went down for Ernie at the shop1 with Joe. Called at Wiseman’s and then went over to Ernie’s nice house and saw Hilda and had tea. Called for Ernie at night again. Had walk out with Father, Joe and Ernie last thing. Went to bed late.

Weekend at Home.

Father got bad finger and Ernie too.

  1. “… at the shop”: presumably Hills’; see 21 January

18 February 1916; Friday

Received letter from Betty in reply to mine1. Wrote acknowledgement and said that I would be travelling through Morpeth. Out in the town at night and got one or two things. A bottle of scent for Gertie and a brooch for Dorothy.

  1. ALL wrote his letter to Miss Mack on the 15th February and received a reply from Betty on the 18th. ALL continues to use Miss Mack’s first name only from this point on. 

12 February 1916; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock. On parade in the morning. Got pass through for 11 o’clock. Walked out with Black in the afternoon. Met Miss Mack at St Michael’s Church at 7 o’clock. Her elder sister was with her. Set them up home and then her elder sister left us and we had a walk on our own. I left her about 11 o’clock. My watch had stopped and I didn’t get into barracks until after 11.30. Had pleasant walk.

11 February 1916; Friday

Up at 7 o’clock. Received letter from Miss Mack making appointment for tomorrow night. Wet morning and the men paraded in our hut. The major told Collins he cannot compliment him on the condition of his hut. Read about chemistry. Went into the town with Black at night and after calling at the Mechanical Institute1 met Miss Mack and her sister and with Black set them up home.

  1. There is still (2013) a Mechanics’ Institute, in a Grade 2 listed building in Percy Street, run by Alnwick Town Council for community use.