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9 March 1917; Friday

Up at 7 o’clock as usual. Fell in 9.45 after usual fatigues and marched off about 10. Arrived Louvencourt 1about 12 o’clock after a fairly pleasant march. Band has improved very much. Decent billets. Helped Ike Taylor to fasten the sheet on his limber waggon. Warned by sergeant-major to go on the ambulance waggon tomorrow. Had short walk round town in the afternoon. Bought a few things. Went to the Church Army hut at night and listened to the Divisional band playing.    7 kilos [kilometres].

  1. Louvencourt (A): 7km W. of Mailly-Maillet (B), and 14km SE of Doullens; just on the border of Michelin square G7. 

8 March 1917; Thursday

Busy with wounded until about 2 am. Got down to bed at 3 and lay in until 7. Lay down most of the day but didn’t sleep. Parade at 3.30 for inspection, full marching order. Went to pictures at night with Ross and John Dory. Enjoyed them very much. Saw a Charlie Chaplin picture and a few more. Went to bed about 9 o’clock and slept well.

Sergeant Macdonell went down to C C S1. Ike Taylor got his job.

  1. “C C S”: Casualty Clearing Station

7 March 1917; Wednesday

Sat up until 4 o’clock. Turned in until 7. Wrote letter home as I sat up. No cases in. Spent morning in bed. Pretty tired. Went on duty at 8 o’clock. Sergeant Macdonell drunk. He was very funny and the C O found him out. Put him under open arrest. Macdonell tried to poison himself outside with some hypo superchlorate†. We brought him in on a stretcher. Captain McClachlan injected morphia to quieten him. Had to watch him all night.

Had rissoles in the morning – supper delayed through the carry-on with Sergeant Macdonell.

2 March 1917; Friday

Up at 7 o’clock and parade at 9 at the dispensary. Returned soon. Captain Johnson examined me and said that there was nothing serious wrong with me and that perhaps I was a bit off form. Did nothing in the morning. Helped to wash out the dressing and waiting rooms in the afternoon. Walked to the village of Beausart1 at night but nothing doing.

  1. Beausart: presumably Beaussart (B); 1½km W. of Mailly-Maillet (A). 

1 March 1917; Thursday

Up at 7 o’clock. Received short notice in the morning that we are to move away to headquarters at 11 o’clock. And pack up and move off about 12 o’clock. I was very much distressed on the way and fell out about half way there with Harvey. Very heavy going. Arrived shortly after the parade. Shaved and cleaned up. Had afternoon off. Returned to the camp at Maily1.

  1. Maily: probably Mailly-Maillet, as mentioned on 23 January and apparently the location of headquarters; 10km N. of Albert, Michelin square H7. 

23 January 1917; Tuesday

Received orders that we were to be relieved at 11 o’clock. Relieved shortly after midday and marched off to Maily. Maily1. Had tea, left a few packs and a few of us marched round to Acheux2. Slept in a marquee. Very cold.

  1. Maily: Mailly-Maillet? (A). 

  2. Acheux: Acheux-en-Amiénois? (B), Michelin square H7, 11km NW of Albert on Doullens road; 6km from Mailly-Maillet.