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2 October 1918; Wednesday

We arrived at Essars about 7 o’clock. Steam engine took over and we arrived at Burbure1 about 9. Marched to Auchel. Had breakfast about 10 o’clock and marched off for Grecourt2 about 2 and arrived by 5 o’clock. Dinner at night and to bed. Absolutely tired out.

  1. Burbure (B; Michelin square G4) is on the southern outskirts of Lillers, 17km E of Essars (A) and 6km NNW. of Auchel (C). 

  2. “Grecourt” is not in the Michelin map gazetteer, and I can’t find any name much resembling it within 3 hours’ march (especially if circuitous and/or lost) of Auchel. It was probably somewhere N. of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise (D), as they got back the next day (and no transport is mentioned) to Pernes, which is on the St Pol – Lillers road (Michelin square G5). 

1 October 1918; Tuesday

Off duty in the morning. Went down to headquarters. Couldn’t sleep. Returned in the afternoon. Headquarters moved to Auchel1. Ambulance relieved. Left A D S at about 9.30 and marched up to Le Touret siding. Waited there until 2.45. Jerry shelled twice very near and we crouched under some rails, the hedge and anywhere. Most miserable night, light rail train broke down twice and stuck * and –

  1. Auchel (B; Michelin square G4) is 7km SSE. of Lillers, and 11km SW. of Béthune. If the Advanced Dressing Station was near the previous location of headquarters, and if that was at Essars (A), 2km NE. of Béthune (see 18 September), this could make sense. Le Touret (C) is a hamlet 3km NE. from Essars, in square I4. 

6 August 1918; Tuesday

Up at about 7 o’clock after a good night’s sleep. Got into cars and moved off about 9 o’clock. Arrived at the advanced dressing station, a château near Choques1 about mid-day. Fitted up a place and went to bed after tea. Came on duty about 10 o’clock.

  1. Choques (B): about 9km ENE of Auchel (A) and mid-way between Lillers and Béthune; Michelin square H4. 

5 August 1918; Monday

Stayed up until 4 o’clock and then lay in until 6.30. A lot of uncertainty about moving. Did practically no work and only wasted time all day. Read Bible a bit at night and felt it was a bit down in the dumps but afterwards all right. Received orders that we were on the advance party in the morning so Billy and I turned in after supper about 10 o’clock and slept well.

2 August 1918; Friday

Up at 6 o’clock and relieved at 8. Jerry bombed between midnight and 2 o’clock. Did a little French and wrote a letter to Marmie. Lay down until 2 o’clock. Shaved and washed and went to the French class at 5.30 and afterwards walked round to the reading room and looked at papers†. On duty at 8 o’clock. Major McMee asked us to get ready for a hernia operation on an old civilian by our staff. After getting ready they decided not to perform it.

1 August 1918; Thursday

Up at 2.30 and wrote letter to Ernie until 5 o’clock. On pay parade at mid-day. Did a bit French in the afternoon. Went to the interpreters’ first French class and thought it will be very interesting. On duty at 6 o’clock. Not much to do. Turned in about 11 o’clock but couldn’t sleep for aeroplanes.

31 July 1918; Wednesday

Arrived at Auchel at about midnight and Truman and Simmons, Cox and I detailed for night duty and guard. I got down at 2 till 4 and 6 – 8. Walked round village in the morning and looked in the church. Saw one of our old clients. Slept during the afternoon and went to the pictures at night. On duty at 8 o’clock. Sat up until 11 o’clock. Then turned in. Jerry over bombing as usual.

30 July 1918; Tuesday

Up about 7 o’clock. On duty all day. Orders to pack up and clear patients and packed during the afternoon. Packed all up during the day. Fell in at 9 o’clock near the transport park. Marched off about 9.30. Marched pretty fast but had one long spell. Arrived at Auchel1 about midnight.

  1. Auchel (B), whence ALL had come to Bourecq (A) on 20 July