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Blaikie – A leading member of the South Durham Street United Methodist Free Church. Very little is known about him.

27 May 1915; Thursday

At work as usual. Busy all day. Received word that Sands1 & Jack Pallin2 are both wounded. H.M.S. Triumph3 sunk in Dardanelles by German submarine. Went to work at night, Came up with Blaikie and Willie Whittaker and was late in getting in.

  1. Most probably the same Sands as mentioned in earlier entries alongside Bob Brotherston who had subsequently died on 6th May. Nothing more is yet known about Sands. 

  2. This is the first and only occasion on which Jack Pallin is mentioned in the diary but it seems probable that this was also a work colleague from the paper mill. The 1901 census lists a John Y. Pallin living in Ryhope, quite near the Hendon Paper Mill, and gives his occupation as “Paper Finisher Paper Mill”; Jack was and remains a common alternative name for John. This John Y. Pallin was born in 1880 and was thus ten years older than Arthur Linfoot. The death of a John Y. Pallin at the age of 39 is recorded in 1919 and his name was listed on the war memorial at St Aidan’s Church, Ryhope Road, Grangetown, Sunderland. See also John Y. Pallin at Lives of the First World War – that life story appears somewhat ambiguous in its present form (as at 27 May 2015), but the Medal Index Card connected to it suggests that John Y. Pallin served with the Durham Light Infantry (service number 2650), as did Bob Brotherston (and probably Sands). 

  3. H M S Triumph”: pre-dreadnought battleship, built Barrow-in-Furness for Chile but bought for RN before completion (1903); torpedoed by U-­21 off Gaba Tepe, 25 May 1915; 78 crew lost. 

23 May 1915; Sunday

Fine day. At chapel and School. Went to Mount Tabor church in the morning and heard Rev AL Broadfield preach, and he was very good. Mr Hewitt evangelist preached his farewell sermon at our chapel at night, and it was scandalous. He afterwards had a row with Mr Waggott. Charlie at work most of the day, and I was at Whittakers’ to tea with Blaikie. Fine day.

9 March 1915; Tuesday

At work as usual. Directors’ meeting. I had some letters to type for Mr Lawson1. Had very late dinner and rode the boy’s bicycle. Finished in decent time. Went to choir practice and sang the “Radiant Morn”2. Came up with Blaikie.

  1. Mr Lawson: a Director of the Hendon Paper Works Company. 

  2. Possibly “The radiant morn hath passed away”, words by Godfrey Thring (1864); alternative tunes: Radiant Morn (Charles Gounod), St Gabriel (Frederick Gore-Ousley), St Leonard (Herbert Irons).