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Arthur Linfoot was stationed at Boureq, a Western suburb of Lillers in the Pas-de-Calais department, from 20 July to around 30 July 1918.

20 July 1918; Saturday

Up early and packed up. Ambulance paraded at 8.45. Billy Truman and I stayed behind and looked to the disposal of some patients. A corporal in the sanitary section called Linfoot spoke to me and told me about himself. He lives at Manchester but hails from Yorkshire1. Rode to Bourecq2 by car and arrived before the ambulance. Looked to the few patients and opened out hospital in a kitchen shop.

Splendid news from the Champagne district.

  1. Many of the Linfoots, including ALL himself, could trace their roots to North Yorkshire. It is possible that ALL and this new Linfoot were distantly related in some way. See also Family page

  2. Bourecq (B): western suburb of Lillers, about 8.5 km NNW of Auchel (A).