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26 November 1916; Sunday

Up shortly after 7 o’clock. Had breakfast. Received letter from Mother and wrote reply. Dim rainy morning. Received orders first thing after dinner to march off again. Arrived Domart1 shortly after 5 o’clock. Quite a trek. Got shoved into a poor billet but managed to sleep well along with Ben Jenkins in the top of the steps. A lot of trouble about blankets.

  1. Domart: Domart-en-Ponthieu (A), 7km W. of Canaples (B); Michelin square E7. 

25 November 1916; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock and went on guard for an hour. Had breakfast in ambulance waggon. Marched off at about 11.30. I was brake man on a G.S. waggon but had my pack carried for me. Arrived at Canaples1 at about 2.30. Billeted in an old château. Right upstairs in the loft. Rained heavily in the night. Got good night’s sleep.

  1. Canaples (A): 10km SW. of Beauval (B), 14km SSW. of Doullens; Michelin square F7.