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29 May 1918; Wednesday

Moved off in French lorries at 1.10. Travelled all night and arrived at Chambrecy1 at about 8 o’clock. Stayed there all day. Opened up dressing station in the afternoon. Got down to bed about 10 o’clock but slept badly.

  1. Chambrecy (B): 55km NW of Châlons-en-Champagne (A) and 18km SW. of Reims, on D980; Michelin map 515 square C7. 

28 May 1918; Tuesday

Up at 6 o’clock. Heard first thing that we were moving and that Jerry had advanced near Reims. Received moving orders from headquarters about 10 o’clock and were on our way back at 11 o’clock. Had short walk during day †in the† night. Slept during the afternoon. Received orders to move at midnight.

26 May 1918; Sunday

Up about 7 o’clock. Not much to do all day. Stayed in until last thing but when I had a short walk with Willie Truman. Fine day. Wrote letter to Mr Inwood and one to Charlie and did a little French, besides reading through a book by Foottit† entitled “The Guard”1.

  1. Foottit’s “The Guard”: Author and book not yet identified. Other books are listed in Arthur Linfoot’s Library