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11 February 1915; Thursday

Moved to 47 Eldon St1. The van came from Wilkinsons’ in the afternoon at about 1.30. Two men with it. Then two came at night to help with the piano. It didn’t finish until 12 midnight. The house in an awful state. Scarcely anything doing in the business. I carried the cat2 up in a bass bag3.

  1. ALL’s family moved from 4 Salem Hill (A) to 47 Eldon Street (B) on this day. See also Sunderland map

  2. The cat evidently did not like its new home and left less than a week later

  3. “Bass bag”, if correct, may refer to a type of canvas or hessian carrier bag still popular with anglers. Bass (or bast) refers to the material used to make the bag, not to the fish.