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2 August 1918; Friday

Up at 6 o’clock and relieved at 8. Jerry bombed between midnight and 2 o’clock. Did a little French and wrote a letter to Marmie. Lay down until 2 o’clock. Shaved and washed and went to the French class at 5.30 and afterwards walked round to the reading room and looked at papers†. On duty at 8 o’clock. Major McMee asked us to get ready for a hernia operation on an old civilian by our staff. After getting ready they decided not to perform it.

1 August 1918; Thursday

Up at 2.30 and wrote letter to Ernie until 5 o’clock. On pay parade at mid-day. Did a bit French in the afternoon. Went to the interpreters’ first French class and thought it will be very interesting. On duty at 6 o’clock. Not much to do. Turned in about 11 o’clock but couldn’t sleep for aeroplanes.