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All diary entries written in April 1914.

17 April 1914; Friday

Got up about 7.45. A bit off form. Finished about 6 o’clock. Walked up Durham Road with Charlie. Got first 5 copies of the “History of the Nations” published by Hutchinson. They are very good. Commenced to take in “History of the Nations.”1 Went to bed about 11 o’clock. Received Pelman2 paper number 11.

  1. History of the Nations: see note on 11 April

  2. Pelman: see note on 6 January

16 April 1914; Thursday

Got up at 7 o’clock. Grand morning. Not very well. Easy1 day. Finished at 5 o’clock. Played the piano a bit. Read. Called at the dock at dinner time for father’s compensation money. Pupil came at night and I stayed with him. Wrote to Ernie and posted it last thing. Went to bed about 11 o’clock. Felt a bit dizzy.

  1. Illustrating the difficulties of transcription: ALL’s usual entry was “Busy day”, but the “b” and “s” strokes sometimes, as here, run together into almost a single arc: “s”. Elsewhere only a dot for the final vowel, after the stroke, is marked, though there should also be a dot before the stroke, for the first vowel; here, exceptionally, a first vowel is clearly marked, and for this reason, together with the ambiguity of the curved stroke and the fairly early finish at 5.00, I have transcribed the word as “easy”. (DL)  

13 April 1914; Easter Monday

Got up about 8 o’clock. Went up and met the two Willies1 with Charlie. Car to Sea Lane. Walked to Marsden. Willie took some photos2. Had lunch at Marsden and walked on up the banks to Shields3. Came back in the train. Heard 9 bands at South Shields. A drunken man in the train. Got back shortly before 3. I read a good bit and played. Went out again at night. Walked to Roker.

At Marsden & Shields.

L to R: Charlie Linfoot, Willie Whittaker, Arthur Linfoot at Marsden Easter Monday 1914
Photo: L to R; Charlie Linfoot, Willie Whittaker, Arthur Linfoot at Marsden Easter Monday 1914.

  1. “The two Willies”: Presumed to be Willie Marshall and Willie Whittaker, depending on which Willie “took some photos”. 

  2. The photograph accompanying this entry appears to be one of those taken by “Willie” on that day (presumed to be Willie Marshall and explaining his absence from the scene). The cliffs in the background would be recognisable by anyone familiar with Marsden today. The photograph was probably taken somewhere near point (A) on the map. See also Sunderland map

  3. Shields: South Shields (B on the map), a coastal town on the south side of the mouth of the River Tyne, about 3 miles up the cost from Marsden. There is also a North Shields on the north side. 

11 April 1914; Saturday

Got up about 8. Rather late for work. Finished about 1.30. Cleared up a few things at home. Went to Roker at night with Willie. Ordered Hutchinsons’ “History of the World”1 at the branch. Had short walk with Father in the evening.

  1. Correct name “History of the Nations” used in 17 April entry; quite a well-­illustrated, glossy production, apparently published in weekly or monthly numbers, subsequently bound in 4 volumes and retained by ALL.