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All diary entries written in April 1914.

10 April 1914; Good Friday

Got up about 9 and had a bath. Went to Roker with Charlie. Very windy. Went to the chapel in the afternoon. Mr Shawcross preached in the afternoon and spoke again at the evening meeting. Stayed to the tea. A pretty good turn-­out. Stayed to evening service, and afterwards at supper. Morley spoke to Mr Shawcross. Charlie sang at night and Mr Newrick spoke well of it.

Missionary Anniversary Services.

Commenced to read “Anna Karenina.1

  1. See also: Anna Karenina and Arthur Linfoot’s Library 

8 April 1914; Wednesday

Busy all day. Finished in good time at night. Tried a bit voice production and then went over to North Bridge Street Church. Crucifixion1 at North Bridge Street. Mr Oliver met the Durham Cathedral tenor. Charlie Ramsey bass. Tom Leydon did the odd men’s parts. It went off all right. Only a few there. Father a little better, but rather depressed.

  1. Stainer’s Crucifixion: see note on 5 April

7 April 1914; Tuesday

Got up at 7 o’clock. Fine morning. Directors’ meeting. I didn’t get away for my dinner until 2 o’clock. Did 3 letters for Mr Lawson. Finished in good time. Went over to the practice at North Bridge Street at night. Sang rather well. Came over with Charlie and Tudie†1. Father not well. Dr Blair in and he is coming again on Thursday.

  1. “Tudie”: Could this be “Trudy”? – ALL’s sister Gertrude is always “Gertie” elsewhere. 

6 April 1914; Monday

Busy at work. Finished about 5.30. Got missionary money squared up. Sat with Joe with his pupil. A letter in the paper referring to George’s and saying that the baths were to be opened as usual. I went along to Chadwicks’ last thing. Talked with him until after 10 o’clock. Read an interesting article on Frederick the Great and Voltaire1. Father ill again. Gertie went for Dr Blair and he came down again.

  1. “Frederick the Great and Voltaire”: although – or perhaps because – he had had only very basic formal education, ALL made efforts throughout his life at ‘self-­improvement’; as shown in notes at the end of his diaries on his ‘progress’ in various studies and activities, and notes on authors to be read. 

5 April 1914; Sunday

At chapel and School as usual. Mrs Fred1 asked me to take Arthur Mullens’ children’s service for him as he was unwell. I had his class too. Rather stormy day. Didn’t get any walks. Charlie at Williamson Terrace hearing Pike singing Stainer’s Crucifixion2.

  1. Mrs Fred: presumably Mrs Waggott, wife of Mr Fred Waggott, butcher. 

  2. [The] Crucifixion”: oratorio for tenor & bass soloists, composed 1887 by Sir John Stainer (1840 – 1901), professor of music at Oxford University 1889. 

4 April 1914; Saturday

At work as usual. Busy all morning. Finished about 1.30. Got missionary money squared up. Bought two books for prizes, and got money changed at Fred Waggott’s1. Went to Roker at night with Charlie and Willie. Read a bit. Jack2 got a baby. He was at our house at 7 o’clock in the morning. George’s letter printed. Mine not.

  1. The Waggotts, also Methodist church people, had a butcher’s shop, so presumably could change the missionary money into more convenient denominations. 

  2. Jack: usually  mentioned in conjunction with Hilda, evidently Jack’s wife and the mother of this new baby. See Hilda disambiguation page. 

3 April 1914; Friday

At work as usual. Went to the Home Life Exhibition in the skating rink at night with Charlie and Willie. Had a bit sport in the yard with Charlie and Joe. Some excitement at work owing to the news that the baths have opened late. George and I wrote letters to the Echo.

Got up at 6.30.