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All diary entries written in February 1915.

17 February 1915; Wednesday

Busy at work. Busy in house at night and didn’t go out. Two big Air Raids on Zeebrugge and thereabouts about this time. 34 machines in the first and 40 in the second1.

  1. “Two big air raids…”: This page at suggests that, on February 12 1915, there was indeed a raid by 34 British planes on the coastal towns of Blankenberghe, Ostend and Zeebrugge in Belgium. There is no mention of any subsequent raid by 40 planes, although there is no reason to doubt it. 

12 February 1915; Friday

Carred1 down in the morning. Went with Father to the solicitors about the compensation case. Heath said we had spoiled the case by Father not going to work. Interview lasted about an hour and he decided to do what he could for a settlement. Nasty day. I carred 5 times and had scarcely any tea. Finished very late at night. Very busy at the office.

Interviewed Heath.

  1. “Carred”: Went by tram-car, if correct. 

11 February 1915; Thursday

Moved to 47 Eldon St1. The van came from Wilkinsons’ in the afternoon at about 1.30. Two men with it. Then two came at night to help with the piano. It didn’t finish until 12 midnight. The house in an awful state. Scarcely anything doing in the business. I carried the cat2 up in a bass bag3.

  1. ALL’s family moved from 4 Salem Hill (A) to 47 Eldon Street (B) on this day. See also Sunderland map

  2. The cat evidently did not like its new home and left less than a week later

  3. “Bass bag”, if correct, may refer to a type of canvas or hessian carrier bag still popular with anglers. Bass (or bast) refers to the material used to make the bag, not to the fish. 

9 February 1915; Tuesday

Commenced to move at night. Father got Coulthard’s cart to come at night and take a load. Horse stuck on the Chester Street1 bank and we had to give it a push. The shop should do better in takings. Directors’ meeting. Mrs Ranson2 all out of the new house.

  1. Chester St, and E. & W. Chester Sts, were north of and parallel with Chester Road. Chester St. E. included a bridge over the Durham-Sunderland railway (the bank?). Chester St. W. joined the N. end of Eldon Street. 

  2. “Mrs Ranson”: Possibly the previous owner of the house at 47 Eldon Street?