4 December 1918; Wednesday

Up about 8 o’clock. Went to Eaves’1 but he wasn’t in. Walked round town. Went to Roker in the afternoon. Uncle George in at night. Sister Mary to tea and Aunt Mary. Uncle George now on jury day-time until pretty late.

  1. Mr Eaves was a minister at the South Durham Street United Methodist Free Church, where ALL and his family were members. 

2 December 1918; Monday

Up at about 8 o’clock. Walked round town. Went to Mill1 in the afternoon and saw Mr Sandilands2 and he practically told me that they didn’t want me back3. Had a little party, Jack Holt, Charlie, Dora, Olive, Ada, Betty and Hilda4 to supper. Stayed until about 3 o’clock.

  1. “Mill”: The Hendon Paper Works Company, where ALL had been employed prior to joining the RAMC. 

  2. “Mr Sandilands”: Presumably the new manager at the Hendon Paper Works following the untimely death of Aitken

  3. ALL’s former employer evidently felt no moral obligation to re-employ returning servicemen. 

  4. Hilda: See Hilda disambiguation page

29 November 1918; Friday

Up about 8 o’clock. Walked to school with Franchie1 and called at Wharnecliffe2 but Whittaker was not there. Called to see Mrs Fore†. I dressed Mr Inwood’s foot and moved off on the car. At station in good time. Left at 1.18. Spent an hour in York and called at the Minster. Arrived home at 6 o’clock and went up to Uncle George’s last thing.

  1. Was Franchie Inwood a school teacher? 

  2. Wharnecliffe War Hospital, where ALL had worked while stationed at Sheffield before being sent to France. 

27 November 1918; Wednesday

Up at 8 o’clock. Walked round the town with Father and made a few purchases. Went down to the mill1 in the afternoon and walked back by the paper mills. Mrs Rowe, Annie2 and Aunt Mary Linfoot3 in to tea. Played piano a lot.

  1. The mill: Hendon Paper Works again. 

  2. Annie: Not positively identified but probably not Sister Annie from church. Annie with no other qualification is mentioned in one previous entry on 3 March 1915, also in conjunction with Mrs Rowe. This may suggest that this Annie was a relative of Mrs Rowe (a daughter?). 

  3. Aunt Mary Linfoot: 2nd wife of Edward Beauman Linfoot? – if so, widowed in 1914

26 November 1918; Tuesday

Up about 7 o’clock. Went to Mr Eaves1 in the morning and talked to him a long while. Enjoyed the talk. Went to the mill2 in the afternoon. Mrs Whittaker3 a bit upset. Played piano.

  1. Edward Eaves was a minister at the South Durham Street United Methodist Free Church in Sunderland where ALL had been a member before joining the RAMC. See also all diary entries tagged Eaves

  2. The mill: Hendon Paper Works, where ALL had been employed prior to joining up. 

  3. Mrs Whittaker: Possibly Agnes Whittaker, mother of ALL’s friend Willie Whittaker, who had been killed in action on 22 October 1917