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11 March 1917; Sunday

Up at 6 o’clock. Packed up things and parade 7.45. I was told off as waggon orderly, so took my pack off the strappings. Had a lot of trouble on the way with the waggons sticking on the hill near Doullens and on the bad road in Bouquet Maison1, Reached our destination about midday – a farm about 4 kilos beyond Bouquet Maison. Rested in the afternoon. Had a shave, wash and brush up and tea at the farm house with Piggy Wood, Ernie Castle, Barber, Truman, and Ike.

Had a good tea. Went to bed early.

10 kilos.

  1. Bouquet Maison: probably Bouquemaison (B), on D916 road to St Pol, 6km N. of Doullens (A); Michelin square G6. 

10 March 1917; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock. Paraded 9 o’clock. Waggon orderly so had my pack carried. Got very muddy on the way. Reached Brettle(?)1 about 2 o’clock, after a breakdown on the bank near Doullens. Walked into Doullens at night with Ike Taylor. Had a tea of 4 eggs and coffee and bread, and then went to the pictures. Arrived home about 8 o’clock. The billet warden drunk and I nearly got across his path by saying he polluted my water bottle through drinking out of it. Had some amusement out of him and got down about 10 o’clock.

18 kilos.

  1. Brettle: Brétel (A) is 1km W. of Doullens (B) town centre; Michelin square G7.