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13 March 1917; Tuesday

Up at 7 o’clock. Marched off at 9.15. Good road most of the way, but heavy marching at the end over a field. Arrived Siracourt1 about 2 o’clock. Walked round small village. Had coffee at an estaminet2. Billeted in a barn in a dirty farm.

15 kilos.

  1. Siracourt: Séricourt (B) is just E. of the D916 Doullens-St Pol road, 10km N. of Bouquemaison (A); Michelin square F6. 

  2. “Estaminet”: A small café. 

12 March 1917; Monday

Up at 8 o’clock and breakfast 8.30. Parade at 10 o’clock. I was told off with Harvey to re-pack the limber, but went on waggon washing instead and let Ike Taylor do the packing. Walked up again in the afternoon to wash the motor ambulance. Had a walk down the road at night with Harry Bascombe.

11 March 1917; Sunday

Up at 6 o’clock. Packed up things and parade 7.45. I was told off as waggon orderly, so took my pack off the strappings. Had a lot of trouble on the way with the waggons sticking on the hill near Doullens and on the bad road in Bouquet Maison1, Reached our destination about midday – a farm about 4 kilos beyond Bouquet Maison. Rested in the afternoon. Had a shave, wash and brush up and tea at the farm house with Piggy Wood, Ernie Castle, Barber, Truman, and Ike.

Had a good tea. Went to bed early.

10 kilos.

  1. Bouquet Maison: probably Bouquemaison (B), on D916 road to St Pol, 6km N. of Doullens (A); Michelin square G6.