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4 January 1916; Tuesday

Up at 7.30. Paraded men again. Collins turned up in the afternoon. Had a bit trouble in the afternoon about a lecture – our men on fatigues. Got late passes and went to Mr Don’s house at night. Had good time. Green, Metgrave and I set two ladies (the Misses Mack1) to their home at High† House and didn’t get back to camp until about 1 o’clock.

At Mr Don’s.

At Barton’s Farm in the morning seeing about the milk account.

  1. Perhaps “The Misses Mack” was how the Misses McGill were known to their friends; at any rate, “Mack” hereinafter supersedes “McGill” in the Diary and footnotes. 

14 November 1915; Sunday

Got up about 7.30. Grand morning. Keen frost. With the church parade first thing before the usual service. Had walk in the afternoon with McNeil and Green and afterwards went to Mr Dodd’s to tea. Went to our own chapel at night and it was very dull. Afterwards came to Y.M. and enjoyed the service there. Saw Mr Don and he asked us up for Friday night.