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Diary entries which mention the Mission, a venue for local missionary/evangelical work in Sunderland; also organisation for funding home and overseas missionary and charitable work.

15 October 1914; Thursday

Still slack at work. Went down to Mission at night. Mr Mathews’ last night. He spoke to us at the door. Mr Kidd, in seconding the vote of thanks, said he didn’t agree with all Mr Mathews had preached. Walked round with Joe afterwards. Mission Ended. Father & Mr Wanless went to the mill for a trial, but Robson & Dixon only talked and made awful fuss and said a trial was not necessary.

9 October 1914; Friday

Got up early and went to baths. Still slack at work. Went down to Wanless’s at night and talked to Willie a bit and then Joe arranged with Mr Wanless to go to the dock with Father on Friday to try if he can work his machine. Walked round by chapel and went into Mission meeting last thing. Charlie had been there earlier and then arranged to give his testimony.

Germans occupy Antwerp.

5 October 1914; Monday

A bit more work to do. Got up early and drilled first thing. Went to the Mission at night and didn’t like it. News of a slight repulse to the British advance on the Continent. 3 of the mill lads joined the Royal Army Medical Corps. Mother went to see about Fruit business for sale1 in Dundas Street.

Germans cross the Nethe & occupy Lierre & Duppel. Belgian Army retire to the West.

  1. As already noted on 13 February, the family planned to run a corner shop because Father had no wage since his accident. 

21 January 1914; Wednesday

Got up about 7.45. Mother up soon and went to Ashington to Jack Cook’s funeral. Got work up to date. Drilled a short time. At the Mission1 at night. Mr Chadwick spoke and was not so bad. Had short walk round afterwards.

  1. “The Mission”: venue for local missionary/evangelical work; also organisation for funding home and overseas missionary and charitable work.