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Diary entries written while Arthur Linfoot was in Rainneville. See also Maps.

26 June 1916; Monday

On guard in the morning. Paraded with the guard. Tossed up and won for the officers’ guard. Wrote letter home in reply to one received. Had a bath in a biscuit tin. Also at on [sic: presumably ‘on at’] one o’clock and finished at 5 o’clock. Went to the village at night. Bought 3 handkerchiefs. Listened to a band of the Gloucesters in front of the village church. Rained later on in the evening. Heard guns again. Saw 12 observation balloons. Saw aeroplane go through the village on a waggon while band was playing.

24 June 1916; Saturday

Received letter from Betty telling me that she understood1, but would like to keep on corresponding with me. I replied. Physical drill. [Some words about ‘drill’ crossed out by ALL.] Also foot and chest inspection in the morning. No parades in the afternoon. Wrote letter. Went to boxing contest at night and saw about 6 matches and some decent boxing. Went to bed early after talking a bit with Walsh. Saw 3 observation balloons up.

  1. This letter from Betty may have been her reply to the letter to her written by ALL on 15th June and posted on 16th. Neither of those earlier diary entries offers any clue about the reason for Betty’s understanding. 

21 June 1916; Wednesday

Up at 7 o’clock. Reported sick. Had tooth out. Sat on cart shaft. Captain Johnson pulled it out1. Route march in the afternoon. Very hot. Stayed in at night and wrote letters. Received letter from Leishman and replied to it. Had milk and marmalade for supper. Fine day.

Had tooth out.

  1. Without anæsthetic, naturally; in later life ALL described how the MO, Capt. Johnson, sidled up to him hiding the pincers behind his back. 

18 June 1916; Sunday

Up at 7 o’clock. Church parade at 9 o’clock. Open air service. After service we were given a pair of socks each. First field service I have attended. Spent the afternoon in the field writing a letter to Mr Inwood and watching aeroplanes playing about. Fine day. Went to service in the field again at night. Read Epistle of St. James. Had a discussion with Lee about singing words in hymns which we don’t believe. Short walk in the village.

Can hear guns at the front very distinctly.
Had one cup of coffee.
Received 4 letters.

17 June 1916; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock. Paraded first thing and cleaned waggons. An hour’s physical drill and pretty hard too. Nice little march in the afternoon. Walked into the village at night and got a paper. Russians still advancing. Posted letter home and one to Green.

Fine night.

Called at farm house and had two glasses of coffee.
and heard guns at the front very distinctly.