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12 April 1918; Friday

Up most of the night. Moved off from Kemmel about 7 o’clock in a car. Did nothing at Vierstraat and got down to it and slept good part of the day. Up for tea and orders to move at night again. Received letter and papers from home. News in the papers more encouraging. Packed up and marched off from Vierstraat at about 10 o’clock at night and arrived at Reningelst road1 about midnight. Went into Nissen hut in a camp there.

  1. “Reningelst road”: assumed to be near Reninghelst (C). The map shows the entire journey, starting from Kemmel (A) and going via Vierstraat (B). 

7 April 1918; Sunday

Packed up and handed over to A Section in the morning. Marched to Vierstraat1 (between Wijtschate and Kemmel) at noon and arrived about tea time. Opened main dressing station. On night duty first night. Not much to do.

  1. Vierstraat (B): 15km NE of Bailleul (A), where ALL had been since 2 April, and 3km NE. of Kemmel (C); Michelin square J2. 

13 September 1917; Thursday

Up about 7 o’clock. Marched off at 8 o’clock. Commenced with the ironwork on the dugout. Returned at usual time and were sent back to Kemmel1 – Holman, Harvey, Driver and myself. Got there about 8 o’clock.

Fritz2 shelled a lot in the afternoon to our left. Dug up 2 French soldiers and one English soldier.

  1. Sent back to Kemmel (B), from Vierstraat (A). 

  2. Fritz: a name given to German troops by the British and others in the First and Second World Wars.