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9 September 1917; Sunday

Up at 6.30. Marched off at 7.30. Arrived at the job about 9 o’clock. Our work is to dig out a dugout which is behind the old German second line and mine craters1. Worked until after 4 o’clock. Very hot work. Fritz2 shelled there a good bit on the sides. Walked over to the Ridge Wood Y M but were too late for the service.

  1. Presumably the Messines craters. 

  2. Fritz: a name given to German troops by the British and others in the First and Second World Wars. 

8 September 1917; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock. Names of men to go up the line called out on parade and mine included. Parade 11 o’clock for pay and parade for departure about 12.45. Arrived Kemmel1 at tea time. Had tea and then moved on to our old dugouts at Vierstraat2. Turned in in good time. Very hot day.

  1. Kemmel (B): 12km E of Boeschepe (A) 9km E. of Berthen, 4km S. of Dikkebus; Michelin square I3. 

  2. Vierstraat (now Wijtschate; Flemish) (C): 4km NNE. of Kemmel, 2km SE. of Dikkebus, 5km SW. of Ypres; Michelin square J3. “Old dugouts” would seem to imply that ALL had been here before (possibly in April 1917), although this is the first time that Vierstraat is mentioned by name.