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8 September 1917; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock. Names of men to go up the line called out on parade and mine included. Parade 11 o’clock for pay and parade for departure about 12.45. Arrived Kemmel1 at tea time. Had tea and then moved on to our old dugouts at Vierstraat2. Turned in in good time. Very hot day.

  1. Kemmel (B): 12km E of Boeschepe (A) 9km E. of Berthen, 4km S. of Dikkebus; Michelin square I3. 

  2. Vierstraat (now Wijtschate; Flemish) (C): 4km NNE. of Kemmel, 2km SE. of Dikkebus, 5km SW. of Ypres; Michelin square J3. “Old dugouts” would seem to imply that ALL had been here before (possibly in April 1917), although this is the first time that Vierstraat is mentioned by name. 

7 September 1917; Friday

Up shortly after 7 o’clock. Parades as usual. Got inspected at 2 o’clock. Digging trench round a tent all morning. Went to Reninghelst at night and saw Ernie. We walked into the village and went to the Snipers1. They were very poor. Left shortly before 8 o’clock and returned about 9. Met a sergeant on the way who spoke of a very big attack fiasco on the coast.

  1. The Snipers: Another revue? 

2 September 1917; Sunday

Up at 7 o’clock. Finished at noon and set out to Ernie at the battery1 and arrived about 3.45. Found that Ernie had gone down sick. Swan and the red-haired lad set me down to Dikbush A D S2. I was informed that Ernie had gone to Reninghelst3. Walked down to Reninghelst and arrived there about 7 o’clock. Stayed about half an hour with Ernie and then returned to headquarters.

Bombs dropped all round in the night.

  1. Ernie was stationed at Dikkebus near Ypres in Belgium; see note on 5 July 

  2. Dikbush A D S: Dikkebus (B) Advanced Dressing Station;. 

  3. Reninghelst, now Reninghelst (Flemish), about 6km E of Boeschepe (A). 

1 September 1917; Saturday

Up about 7 o’clock. On usual fatigues, put down trench boards. Had walk into Berthen1 at night.

  1. Berthen (B), about 2.5km S of Boeschepe (A). 

31 August 1917; Friday

Up at 7.15. Wet morning and parade put off in consequence. Had walk at night up to Mont des Cats1 and had a good supper.

  1. Mont des Cats (B), where ALL had been stationed for a week in May 1917, about 3km SW of Boeschepe (A).