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All diary entries written in March 1914.

11 March 1914; Wednesday

Not very busy at work. Finished early. Played a bit. Went to see Mr Morley with regard to the Band of Hope1 social. He was not in but I saw his wife. Read a bit.

Sunderland beaten by Burnley by 2 – 1. At church meeting whether an invitation should go to Mr Chadwick to stay another year2.

  1. “Band of Hope”: See note on 13 January

  2. Methodist ministers were appointed, for fixed terms of office, by the meeting of members of their chapel. 

10 March 1914; Tuesday

At work as usual. Went to choir practice at night. Not much done. Directors’ meeting. I called at the dock and was rather late in getting back. Harry came along for me on Reg’s bicycle. I helped Tom Brake all the afternoon. Rather late in finishing.

8 March 1914; Sunday

Missionary Anniversary. At chapel and School as usual. Mr Baker preached in the morning. A meeting in the church in the afternoon. Mr Shepherd and a Mr Clark spoke. Pretty good meeting. Collections slightly up but no chairman’s donation. Didn’t have usual walks. Night very fine. I stayed to prayer meeting †afterwards to† get collections and square things up. Played the piano. Father improving. I called at Fred Waggott’s1 at dinner time to see about the School. James told Charlie the sketch for the social is off.

  1. Fred Waggott: the family had a long-­established butchery business, and were members of the Methodist chapel. 

7 March 1914; Saturday

At work as usual. Some excitement through football match. Sunderland 0 versus Burnley 0 for the English Cup. I walked to Roker and back in the afternoon and again with Willie at night. At the lecture at Trinity1 and slipped down the steps and split my trouser knee. Called in at Mr Chadwick’s and made final arrangements with regard to the service tomorrow. Willie in with me and he insisted on his work scheme. Mr Whittaker had Dr Prowse *, and he gave the same verdict as Dr Blair.

  1. “Trinity”: possibly Holy Trinity Church, Bishopwearmouth. 

4 March 1914; Wednesday

Got up at 8 o’clock. Mr Aitken away at London. Called round by the dock and got Father’s compensation money. Finished in decent time. Played a bit at night and then went down to Briggs’ and practised with him. Called for Willie and went to the Victoria Hall1 and saw Cherry Kearton’s Pictures of wild animals2. They were very good and interesting. Joe reporting3 at a meeting in the afternoon and got 5/-­ for it. Went to bed late.

  1. Victoria Hall: See note on 10 January

  2. Cherry Kearton: early wildlife photographer, recently (2013) re-popularised. 

  3. “Joe reporting”: Joe Wiseman wrote excellent Pitman’s shorthand; he and ALL did verbatim reporting at political meetings etc for practice, and evidently for income in Joe’s case. 

3 March 1914; Tuesday

Got up about 7.45. Drilled a bit. Pretty busy at work. Finished soon. Played a bit. Went to the library. Shaved. Went to the choir practice and played for the anthems. Walked round with Willie. Told him about Joe being out of work. Arranged to go to the pictures tomorrow night at the Victoria Hall1. Went to bed late. Father sat up for a bit.

  1. Victoria Hall: see note on 10 January