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All diary entries written in December 1915.

7 December 1915; Tuesday

Got up as usual. At the orderly room in the morning with Corporal Collins and Welsh. Welsh got 14 days C.b. 1 and was lucky he didn’t get more. Green went to the V.A.D. sick with influenza. Out at night with Black and had a short walk. Talked pretty seriously and found him a sincere decent fellow.

10th Division in action in Serbia2 about this time.

  1. Confined to Barracks – presumably punishment for his disobedience of the day before

  2. “Serbia”: spelling has changed since 23 July 1914

4 December 1915; Saturday

Received parcel from home and one from the church through Chadwick. Wrote to Chadwick. Spent morning in going into the town to see bailiffs and going to Barton Farm. Grand morning, frost and snow. Wet afternoon and I didn’t go out. Wretched night. Went across to Green’s hut with Black and had some supper from them. Rotten night. Watson, Dunbar, Bulmer, and Shaw, drunk. Had a bit trouble and didn’t get my things off until 11 o’clock.