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All diary entries written in 1917

19 December 1917; Wednesday

Paraded at 9 o’clock and spent the day helping him1 and chopping wood. Had good fire at night with plenty smoke. Tried to write to Sister Annie2. Had toast to tea and supper.

  1. “Him”: Probably Chapman again; see yesterday’s entry. ALL occasionally wrote up two or more days at the same time and probably did so for 18/19 December 1917. Having written “Chapman” on the 18th, ALL continued to write the entry for the 19th and wrote “him” referring to Chapman, the last name he had mentioned. 

  2. Sister Annie: See note on 28 December 1916

16 December 1917; Sunday

Paraded at 8.30 and marched back to Fins headquarters. Left there about 9.30 and arrived at Metz1 after about an hour’s walk. Got a rotten billet. A few men went straight up the line.

  1. Metz: presumably Metz-en-Couture (B), 4km up D17 road towards Cambrai from Fins (A); Michelin map K7. 

15 December 1917; Saturday

Took over at midnight. Did some French and wrote a short letter to Charlie. Didn’t sleep well all day. Warned for a new arrangement and to start at 8 tomorrow night instead of 4 o’clock to-night. Lay in bed. A few minutes later warned for duty at once and had to get up. No sooner on duty than warned to clear up and go back to bed and return to headquarters first thing in the morning. Returned to bed.

13 December 1917; Thursday

Up all night on duty in the stretcher case dressing room. About 20 of us on duty and not a case in. Changed our kit to a fresh place by the side of a stage in a hut. Slept through until nearly tea time. Moved our kit to a nice square marquee at night and slept there until after 11. On duty at 12.