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Arthur Linfoot was stationed at Gonnehem in the North of France from 27 August to 6 September 1918.

6 September 1918; Friday

Up at 6 o’clock. Set out for Lillers at 7. Left Lillers about 10. Changed at Etaples and left for Rouen1 at 9 o’clock. Travelled all night in box truck.

  1. The map shows the entire journey from Gonnehem (A) to Rouen (D), where ALL eventually arrived on the morning of 7 September, via Lillers (B) and Étaples (C). 

5 September 1918; Thursday

Heard that our passes were through1. Busy in dressing room and packing all day. Funeral of Walsh, Stothard and Gilmour2 in the morning.

  1. The passes were for ALL’s Paris leave; the application had been submitted on 2 September

  2. See yesterday’s entry for ALL’s note of the deaths of Walsh, Stothard and Gilmour. All are now interred at Gonnehem British Cemetery, less than ½ km E. of Gonnehem itself, where ALL’s unit was stationed at the time (see map). 

4 September 1918; Wednesday

Up at 7 o’clock and on parade and duty at 8 o’clock. Heard that Walsh, Stothard & Gilmour were killed1 and Whittaker badly wounded. Fine day. Good news from all the battle front. John Dory went on leave.

  1. 341610 Private John Edward Walsh, 76886 Private William Stothard and 46674 Private Dennis Gilmour (the prior three links are to records on the Commonweath War Graves Commission site), all of the 58th Field Ambulance, had apparently been killed on 3 September.

    Privates Stothard and Gilmour are also listed on Lives of the First World War; Private Walsh is not. 

31 August 1918; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock and on parade at 8 o’clock. Not much to do. Sick parade as usual. Received letter from home and pc1 from Ernie to say he is getting on well.

Heard that we have captured Baileul2 & Dranoutre3.

  1. “pc”: Presumably post card. 

  2. Baileul: ALL always omits one ‘l’ from ‘Bailleul’ in his longhand; the transcription follows this, but where he writes it in shorthand, ie phonetically, it is transcribed with the correct spelling. 

  3. Dranoutre: NE. of Bailleul, near Kemmel and Locre – no doubt overrun in the March offensive (see 21 March); Michelin square I3.