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28 March 1918; Thursday

Up about 7 o’clock. Packed everything up and took down tents. Moved off about 10 o’clock. Arrived at Humbercourt 1 at dinner-time. In billets and they seem quite luxurious billets. Had tea and got paid and went to bed early. Wet and stormy night. No further news from the line.

  1. Humbercourt (B); 11km W. of Humbercamps (A). It seems probable that ALL had written “Humbercourt” in error on 26 March, having meant to write “Humbercamps”, hence this journey from Humbercamps to Humbercourt two days later. 

26 March 1918; Tuesday

Up at 6 o’clock and marched off about 6.30. Arrived (after passing through civilised country and seeing civilians) at Bienvillers 1 at about noon and had breakfast. Received orders to move on immediately, and arrived at the cross roads near Humbercourt 2 about 3 pm. All property† left on the way. Put up tents and marquee and flags and opened up dressing station. News from the front still bad. Saw newspaper in which it said the Germans claimed 30000 prisoners and 600 guns. Still no relief. On night duty.

  1. Bienvillers: Bienvillers-au-Bois (B), 6km N. of Hébuterne (A), Michelin square H6. 

  2. Humbercourt: ?Humbercamps (C), 4km W. from B.-au-Bois; Michelin square H6.