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Diary entries which mention letters written or received by Arthur Linfoot during his time in the RAMC.

20 October 1918; Sunday

Up about 7 o’clock. Rather restless night and awoke with the barrage at 2 o’clock. Lumps of ceiling falling down during the night with the wet. Lay about all day. Changed billet. Received a letter from Harvey saying that he had got an extension of leave. A big shell dropped in the village and we all went down to the cellar. Sat there and slept all night. Had good night. Warned for A D S in the morning.

24 September 1918; Tuesday

Up at about 7.30 and on guard 8 to 12. Taken off guard in the afternoon and put on a party of stretcher bearers and again taken from that later on. Received letter from Leishman. Heard that 25000 Turks and 260 guns were captured in Palestine1 and that the Bulgarians were in full retreat2.

  1. Palestine: The Battle of Nablus again? See yesterday

  2. Bulgarians in retreat: This diary entry was written towards the closing stages of the Vardar Offensive, which led to Bulgaria signing the Armistice of Salonica and thus withdrawing from the war on 29 September.