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Diary entries which mention letters written or received by Arthur Linfoot during his time in the RAMC.

18 September 1918; Wednesday

Up shortly after 6 o’clock. A lot of messing about and marched off 10 o’clock. Arrived, after numerous stops at our headquarters about 4.30. Headquarters near Esems1. Got a kip, had tea, read letters. One told me of the death of Kenneth MacDonald2 and another of the death of Mr Rowe. Fairly tired. Got down to it early.

  1. Esems: not identified under this name; something that looks more like Essars (B), 20km ENE of Floringhem (A) occurs on 2 October (Michelin square H4); see 2 October

  2. Kenneth MacDonald, Ranald MacDonald’s brother whom ALL had noted as missing on 27 August

31 August 1918; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock and on parade at 8 o’clock. Not much to do. Sick parade as usual. Received letter from home and pc1 from Ernie to say he is getting on well.

Heard that we have captured Baileul2 & Dranoutre3.

  1. “pc”: Presumably post card. 

  2. Baileul: ALL always omits one ‘l’ from ‘Bailleul’ in his longhand; the transcription follows this, but where he writes it in shorthand, ie phonetically, it is transcribed with the correct spelling. 

  3. Dranoutre: NE. of Bailleul, near Kemmel and Locre – no doubt overrun in the March offensive (see 21 March); Michelin square I3. 

27 August 1918; Tuesday

On duty at 9 o’clock. Not much to do. Lay down for an hour about 4.30. Relieved at 9 o’clock. Had a short lie in bed and then relieved from headquarters. Walked down to headquarters at Gonnehem1 and arrived in time for dinner. Billet in a hut with proper beds and bedclothes. Slept most of afternoon. Had walk after tea with Harvey and Billy Truman and slept with Billy in a real bed. Slept well. Heard from Ranald MacDonald that his brother Kenneth is missing.

  1. Gonnehem (B): 4km N. of Choques (A); Michelin square H4. 

24 August 1918; Saturday

Up at 5.30 and got cleaned up. Wet morning. Moved to Le Vertannay1 farm and went on night duty again. Lay down during the afternoon and came on duty at 9 o’clock. Only slept short time and was very sleepy later in the morning. Received letter from Charlie and one from Franchie – quite a bright letter.

  1. Le Vertannay (spelling not really certain): only a farm, so not identified on Michelin map. 

23 August 1918; Friday

I slept from 2 o’clock until 6.30. Off duty at about 8 o’clock. Very heavy gunfire to the right. A rumour that we have attacked and won Arras and Soissons1. On duty at 9 at night, after spending a wakeful day. Heard that we have to move tomorrow owing to Jerry retiring so far. British continue to progress at several points. Turned in at 1am and slept on the floor of the dressing room. Received letter from home.

  1. Soissons is the only place-name I can (roughly) fit to the shorthand outline, but it is far to the S. of Arras. (DL)